Hot Strip Mill Equipments:

Manjira has over 20 years experience in producing Hot Strip Mill Terminal Equipments as per Customers Designs and Drawings and manufactured and supplied the following terminal equipments for Hot Strip Mills:

JSW Steels Ltd., Bellary:

Down Coiler Pinch Roll and Wrapper Roll Assemblies.
Coil Box Transfer Arms and Coil Box Guides with Roller Tables.
Walking Beam Coil Conveyors and DC Stripper Cars.
Finishing and Roughing Mill Shoe Plates for Mitsibushi-Hitachi Hot Strip Mill Line.
Backup Roll Sleds.
Drive Spindle Balance Arrangement.

Lloyds Steel Industries Ltd., Wardha:

Complete Refurbishment of Down Coiler Mandrel Assembly with newly manufactured Segments and Links (One number every year from last 6 years.)
for Walking Beam Coil Conveyors.

Bokaro Steels Ltd.:

Entry Guide Assembly for Hot Strip Mill.
Water cooled Ladle Furnace Roof Assembly.
Bottom & Top Yokes.

Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd. (Midhani), Hyderabad:

Complete Refurbishment and Modernisation of Bar Mill with newly manufactured Chocks and Spindle Couplings.
Complete Refurbishment and Modernisation of Hot Strip Mill with newly manufactured Vertical Roller Guide.