Terminal Equipments:

Manjira has over 30 years experience in designing and producing / producing as per customers drawings, following terminal Equipments required for Continuous / Semi-Continuous Pickling, Galvanising, Electrolytic Cleaning, Tension Levelling, Metal & Colour Coating Lines of 600 to 2000 mm wide:
  • Pit Type and Floor Mounted Coil Cars with Coil Saddles.
  • Uncoilers with Mandrel Head, Gearbox and Hold Down Roll.
  • Pinch Rolls, Pinch Roll cum Flatteners with Peeler Table.
  • Hydraulic Crop Shears and Rotating Type Shears for CTL Lines.
Two Roll and Four Roll Tension Bridles.
  • Side Trimmers and Scrap Winders.
  •  Tension Reels with Mandrel Head, Gearbox, Pusher Plate and Belt Wrapper.
  • Outboard Bearing Supports, Two Arm and Three Arm Turn Styles.

Manjira’s main customers for the Terminal Equipments are:

  • Mecon Ltd.:
  • Electrolytic Cleaning Line of PT Essar Dhananjaya, Indonesia.
  • Tension Levelling Line of Bokaro Steel Plant.
  • Siemens VAI Metal Technologies Pvt. Ltd.:
  • Category # I Equipments (Uncoiler, Pinch Roll Flattener and Tension Reels) of Tata Blue Scope Project.
  • Coil Lift Cars & Coil Cantering Device and Tilting Station for Bokaro HRCC Project.
  • Category # I Equipments (Uncoiler & Tension Reels) of Bokaro HDGL Project.
  • Flat Products Equipments Ltd., Mumbai:
  • Uncoiler and Recoilers with Mandrel head and Gearbox for Galvanising & Pickling Lines.
  • Outboard Supports for Uncoiler and Recoilers.
  • Rotating type Shears for CTL lines.
  • Bhushan Steel & Strips Ltd., Khapoli:
  • Complete Colour Tempering Line.
  • 8 MT & 5 MT Inspection Lines.
  • Logo Printing Line.
  • Edge Deburring Line.
Waterbury Farrell & Loma Machines, Canada.